Flowers That Never Fade Gift Book

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Flowers That Never Fade has sold over half a million copies since 1959 when a young minister named Leroy Brownlow started taking his new gift book to friends in the hospital after noticing that the flowers that they received would always wilt and wither away. He found this to be depressing and wanted to give them something to lift their spirits in lieu of flowers; hence the title of "Flowers That Never Fade". Beautifully illustrated by noted watercolorist Judy Buswell, this timeless classic in a 50th Anniversary Edition holds messages of hope and inspiration for the daily struggles of life.

  • “Flowers That Never Fade… 50th Anniversary Edition… By Leroy Brownlow” sentiment
  • 6¼"(W) x 6¼"(H)
  • 96 pages featuring inspirational scriptures
  • Padded hardcover
Gift Book, Flowers That Never Fade W/Scripture